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Mouth watering

Anticipating my first tomato caprese with side of pesto.  Yummy.


Pitcher plants

Carnivorous plants have always been fascinating to me.  I was thrilled to see this pitcher plant out in its natural habitat this week while hiking near Cleveland, SC.   I can just imagine it saying "Yum, yum bugs!"  


Celebrate pi day

It's a moment that only comes once in a century.  Let's celebrate it by building a circular compost pile!  Yes, I intend to use pi in real life!  Stay tuned.

I'm thinking I should bake a pie too.  And while the oven's on, maybe my other favorite pi day food.  
Hint: Calculate the volume of this circular food given radius "z" and and thickness "a". 



Not without my compost!

Would you move your full compost tumbler?  I worked so hard last fall to fill it up.  I actually raked leaves.  I made countless trips out my back door to unload kitchen scraps.  All that effort can't be in vain.  And my new house doesn't have an existing vegetable garden, so I could really use some compost to help build the soil.

To the outsider, I guess moving a pile of rotten, smelly kitchen scraps borders on insane.  But you hard-core gardeners out there understand, right?  I hope I'm not alone in this, anyway.  Or maybe someone needs to refer me to appear on a special episode of  "Hoarders: Garden Edition".