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Boycotting Bradford Pears

This is the damage done by a Bradford pear tree in my neighbor's yard.  They just split apart spontaneously with the slightest wind sometimes.

This is one reason I hate them.  The other reason is they are very invasive; you see them popping up all over the place in cleared areas, crowding out our native trees.

Oh and I swear the flowers smell like moldy socks.

Thinking about planting a spring flowering tree?  Why not a dogwood or a red bud?


Footed planters

I have been known to make a few spontaneous purchases at Wallyworld but I managed to pass these up.


Mouth watering

Anticipating my first tomato caprese with side of pesto.  Yummy.


Pitcher plants

Carnivorous plants have always been fascinating to me.  I was thrilled to see this pitcher plant out in its natural habitat this week while hiking near Cleveland, SC.   I can just imagine it saying "Yum, yum bugs!"