Free (the) plants

I’ve been trying to give away some extra plants, including some lovely stained-glass ferns and paper daisies. (Call now to reserve yours!) Some of the plants have found good homes, but others were not so fortunate. And yet I can’t bring myself to compost the rest.

I’m also looking for a good home for several dozen irises. When I arrived to volunteer at the Roper Mountain butterfly garden yesterday, I discovered a wheelbarrow full of irises in the shed. I guess I’m not the only one to hoard plants in the hopes that they’ll find a home.

Gardeners seem to have an innate revulsion to wasting plants or plant matter. After thinning the iris beds for a second day, we had further bags and buckets full of iris rhizomes that we felt compelled to find homes for. Churches? Habitat houses? Schools? There has to be someone needy for irises. And the excess iris leaves were used for mulch in the garden.

Quote of the day:
Overheard from one of the kids touring the garden-- "Hey, that's a Japanese beetle! They eat everything!"

If you build it, they will come
We saw a few butterflies who seem to be enjoying their garden home. One visitor was our state butterfly, the Tiger Swallow Tail. To the left is a Tiger Swallow Tail I photographed in my own yard.

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