Gardening in the Dark

We had a high of 100 today, so I put off watering till my tomatoes were wilting. It was 8:00 PM, and still 89 degrees outside. I also did some pruning of the butterfly bushes in at dusk, and that made it a little difficult to distinguish what flowers were dead. I do not recommend pruning in the dark.

I also do not recommend trying to put a nozzle on the hose while the hose is running. I also learned this from experience. The other day I’d forgotten that I’d taken the nozzle off till I had already crept through the bushes to turn on the faucet, so I just tried jamming it on there while the water was running. It’s a fabulous way to spray water all over yourself and cool off a bit.

The insects sure seem to know how to beat the heat. The Japanese beetles are still systematically destroying my rose bushes. Enjoy your last meal, bastards, tomorrow you’re getting a lethal injection of pesticide!

I also saw a yellow swallow-tailed butterfly yesterday in our front yard. Or should I say yellow swallowed-tail? The little guy was missing a section of one wing, although he seemed to be getting around OK. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? It’s 100 degrees outside, and he is flying around subsisting on flower nectar. Then he gets part of his wing chewed off and just keeps going. And we complain about a little heat wave.

The photograph to the right was taken later of one of his butterfly buddies, also missing a small point of his lower wing.

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