Murphy's Laws in the Garden

1. Immediately after you water your garden, it will storm.
2. If it looks like it’s going to storm, and you skip watering that day, the storm will blow over.
3. Every time you go out to water the flowers on your front porch, you will forget about the nearby hornets' nest.
4. If you plant a mystery plant in the full sun, you will discover its identity later as a shade plant.
5. If anyone “helps” you out by weeding, he or she will destroy your favorite plant.
6. If you buy 3 bags of mulch to cover an area, you’ll end up needing 4.
7. If you give up on a plant and leave it to die, it will make a comeback.
8. There are a few plants that require almost no care, and in fact you couldn’t kill them even if you wanted to. These plants include crab grass, honeysuckle, kudzu, and poison ivy.
9. If a Japanese beetle has the choice to dine at the leaves of your rose bush or the ugly bushes in your neighbor’s yard, they will always pick your rose bush.
10. The garden hose is always too short to reach where you want and too long to coil efficiently.

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