More South Carolina butterflies

See the butterfly? See the flower? See the butterfly eat at the flower? Eat butterfly eat.

I'd planned to identify these guys by species, but since next week we're starting the taxonomy unit, this no longer seems fun at the moment. After Thanksgiving break, I will begin discussing such exhilarating topics as the classification of earthworms (Phylum annelid, in case you were curious). Well I have a great picture of two earthworms mating, so that should spice things up. Worm Porn! While discussing earthworms, I also get to use the word hermaphrodite, which always seems to fascinate students.

Another fabulous and kinky botanical fact-- "gymnosperm" (the group that includes pine trees) means "naked seed" since they don't have fruits to protect their seeds . The word "Gymnasium" also comes from the same root word- "A place to be naked". Remember how the Greeks used to do the Olympics in the nude?

These are the fun things you end up thinking about after you've earned a double masters in English and Botany.

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