Thanksgiving is about Gardening

As you sit down to your traditional Thanksgiving meal this holiday, remember to thank the Native Americans for sharing their gardening techniques. When the Pilgrims were starving and their crops continued to fail, the Wampanoag tribe taught the settlers some important gardening tips.

According to legend, Squanto taught the pilgrims to bury fish with the corn to serve as fertilizer. Today, you can still buy fish fertilizer to give your plants a boost.

The Pilgrams learned about other plants besides corn, too. Beans and squash were other important crops grown by the tribe. Native Americans also taught the Pilgrims about the power of other native plants, like poisonous and medical plants. If it wasn't for the Native Americans, the Pilgrams might have tossed some poison ivy in the first Thanksgiving salad. Ouch.

And the Native Americans also helped the first settlers get their sugar fix. Before candy corn was invented, maple syrup canday was the ultimate fall treat. Native Americans invented the process to get sap from maple trees.

Thank goodness for all those amazing plants native to the Americas! Today is a good day to thank your plants by treating them to a feast of MiracleGrow. So go be like Squanto and fertilize your garden.

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Neil said...

Absolutely true. If you think about it, which most of us don't, we really have been blessed with a natural environment in this country, that when combined with good gardening techniques, has been incredibly abundant. Interesting blog...