Growing Southern

As soon as I opened my mouth, my cousins from Michigan exclaimed, “You’re getting so Southern.” My brother, who stayed in the Midwest, has also teased me about my accent over the phone.

I’ve only lived in South Carolina for 3 years, but I tend to pick up accents like a sponge. For example, due to the subtle sabotage of my college roommate from Jersey, I order “soda” 90 % of the time and only occasionally ask for “pop”.

I’m also adjusting to Southern life in my garden. When I first moved here, the red clay was fascinating, and the crepe myrtle and lantana were exotic. Now I see the clay as merely aggravating, and these Southern plants seem commonplace.

I reckon I’m growin’ more Southern everyday, ya’ll!


Jill said...

Welcome to the South!

Crepe Myrtles, Mimosa, Lantana, etc. warmer weather... what more can you ask for??

Jessica Harwood said...

I'm definitely loving the warmer weather! And I'm still partial to Lantana :)

You can grow mimosa outdoors??? The sensitive plant or a close relative?

Anonymous said...

What kinds we can grown here...

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