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It's summer in Australia...keep cool Santa!

When I first started doubting Santa, my dad sat me down with a globe and taught me an important lesson about time zones. What I learned was that when it's Christmas Eve for us, it's still daylight in many parts of the world. So on Christmas eve, Santa only has to visit us and several million homes in North, Central , and South America! He has time to catch the rest later. Visiting the whole world in one night might be a stretch, but just the Americas? Now that's no problem. Try this with your kids if you want to confuse them enough to believe in Santa for a few hours longer.

My friends' kids (ages 4 and 5) saw Santa drive off in car recently, and their mom explained that Santa has to drive in South Carolina since it rains on Christmas here, and there's no snow for the sled. Glad she cleared that one up for me.

I wonder how Santa gets around in Australia. Looking at the beautiful summer garden pictures in the Southern hemisphere, like Chloe's garden with the prickly little ant-eater, Spiny Echidna, it got me thinking about these things. Does Santa stop off at Sydney to take a rest on the beach? Does he wear a red velvet shorts and white tank top to beat the heat? I hope they set out plenty of water along with the milk and cookies.

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