New Year Resolutions / Gardening Movies

Like most Americans, I’m hoping to have a healthier 2006. Here are a few of my resolutions:

1. In 2006, light pruning and aimlessly wandering around my garden will not count as exercise.

2. I will use herbs from my garden in some healthy home-cooked meals.

3. I will take the time to stop and smell the roses.

4. I will take time to check for bugs before I sniff the roses.

5. I will volunteer more often with the Master Gardeners. In February, the Butterfly Garden volunteers will be active again, and I'd like to get involved in the Project Host Soup Kitchen Garden.

Our New Year's Eve plans are to sit in front of the fireplace and watch movies. If you're looking for movies to watch, you might want to check out my Top Ten Gardening Movies post from July. I have details on each movie there, but here's a recap:

1. Little Shop of Horrors, the original cult classic (1960)
2. Greenfingers
3. Saving Grace (2000)
4. Adaptation
5. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945)
6. Little Shop of Horrors, the musical (1986)
7. Bed of Roses (1996)
8. White Oleander
9. Garden State
10. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978)

Honorable Mention:Steal Magnolias, Magnolia


Neil said...

Although I did read that gardening, with all the bending up and down, is one of the best natural exercises you can do outside of the gym.

Jessica Harwood said...

True, it can be quite a workout! I started skipping my daily jog when I was tired from gardening,which is a good idea to not overdo it, but then in a few months I was skipping running on days when I spent 5 minutes prunning my butterfly bush and 15 minutes cursing at the Japenese beetles.

I'm trying to get to the point were 5K seems easy again.

Unlike the Midwest, winter is the best time to run here!

Neil...do you hang out at the gym? It would be a good place to pick up chicks:)

Anonymous said...

Great idea....it will work...

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Paul said...

Yahh it can be a huge workout!
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