Seasons Greetings from Atlanta Botanical Gardens

I went with my mom-in-law today to see the locomotion exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It was absolutely amazing! If you are in the area before December 31st, I highly recommend a visit. The trains and miniature replicas of the city skyline first grabbed my attention, and then I started noticing the details of the miniature landscaping. The tiny shrubs and trees were so adorable!

Below is the replica of the famous Fox theater:

Photo by Kristen Alexander from Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

I took some pictures of the orchid house on my cell phone, so I'll try to hack in there and post those photos later. It's one of the most elaborate orchid exhibits I've ever seen. I also enjoyed several terrariums with all sorts of ferns and tropical plants, and even little frogs. Poisonous frogs!

Now I want to go and replicate this all in my home. Santa, can you bring me a greenhouse?


Jill said...

I would love to visit the Atlanta gardens. I've got family there so maybe I will one day.

Jessica Harwood said...

It would be a great place for you to take pictures! I forgot my camera and was kicking myself the whole time.