Grow Bags

I attended a Gardening Forum this weekend in Greenville, SC, and learned a lot of interesting tidbits I hope to try out this year. Today I'll share one of my favorite stories from the day, as told by Jim Bennett.

Jim introduced the concept of "grow bags" to me, although I guess they are popular other places. You take a packet of quality potting soil, poke some holes in one side for drainage, and then slice some room on the other side for your plants. Once transplanted, your plants should grow to cover the bag, and you have a lovely planting for your porch.

Jim says he knew an older lady who grew everything this way. Everything from petunias to lantana to vegetables did well in the bags, but she found that her porch was a little shady during parts of the day. She was concerned that the plants weren't getting enough light.

Jim stopped by one afternoon to see her pulling a wagon around her yard. When he got closer, he saw that she was pulling her grow bags of plants in the wagon. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm taking my veggies for a walk, " she replied.


Jill said...

Never heard of this. Neat idea.

Cynthia said...

This is so cute! I am going to do a little container/deck gardening this year (more accessible from my computer : p) and am looking at some shady areas on my deck as well... so this is an idea.

Years ago my innovative mom grew potatoes just out of regular plastic garbage bags on her balcony... then she just shook the dirt off to harvest them-- that was the big advantage over back-breaking digging!