Slumbering Gardeners, awake!

For the past months, I've been dreaming about my spring garden. But now it's time to wake up and make it happen! (At least for us Southern gardeners, around zone 7)

I have spring break coming up next week, so I'm compiling a list of garden chores . I can see that some of my neighbors in Upstate South Carolina have already gotten a head start of some of these tasks. Here's a few of these late-winter tasks that we're up to around here:

1. Pruning our summer- and fall- blooming shrubs. (Now is NOT the time for the early spring bloomers, like azaleas. Wait until after they bloom.) This afternoon, I plan to finally get around to the unruly vitex and butterfly bushes.

2. Pruning the Lilirope. At Clemson University, they put the mower at the highest setting and just run them over. Seems to work fine, but I'll stick to my pruners.

3. Starting those seeds. Most of my seed packets say start 6-8 weeks before the last frost, and that time is NOW for us! Thanks to my husband's hard work this weekend, I have an awesome area in the garage to sow and start my seeds. I'll post a picture soon, once I'm more organized. (Also coming soon- list of seeds I'm starting for butterflies)

4. Organizing and taking inventory of garden tools, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, etc. We got a good start on this yesterday.

5. Pick up some of the sticks left over from the ice storm and dead annuals.

6. Collecting plastic soda bottles to fill with sugar water and use with the hummingbird feeder.

7. Planting berry plants like blackberries or blueberries. I'm planting some blueberries this year.

8. As a side project, I'm building a container water garden, so I'll be ready when the water lilies arrive at the nursery.

That should be enough to keep us busy!


Susan Harris said...

Excellent post, and I have questions. LIke when do you put out your hummingbird feeders? And do you think March is a good time to plant anything that's hardy? I'm in zone 7A, so I'll adjust your recommendations a tad bit. Thank you for doing my homework for me - I'm compiling a list of what to do each month for my club's new website and this is great input. Susan

Anonymous said...

You are ahead of my zone--I am 6a & will slumber a little longer but do appreciate being able to follow in your footsteps. Nice list to get organized with.

Jessica Harwood said...

TG- I put the hummingbird feeders out at the end of March.

Fruits like blackberry and blueberries are best planted in the late winter. I did I little research on planting trees and shrubs in the South, and I guess the best time here is fall. In spring, shoot and root growth can compete, while in the winter roots can grow and get established.

Judith- It's nice to be ahead of the curve for once. I was always impatient during snowly Marches in Wisconsin.

Garden Guru said...

I'm in zone 4... and hating this month because I'm always told to wait, but last fall I went and raided my flower garden of unfallen seed and started some of those indoors, just for kicks & giggles ya know? I hate waitin too though. (nice to meet ya)

Deb said...

Love your blog! Question: You mention collecting soda bottles for your hummingbird feeder but can you please tell me where you can get tubes that will fit these? TIA

Jessica Harwood said...

bamboochick- I have have an old feeder that fits soda bottles, but I couldn't find a similar product when I looked recently. They all seem to have the bottles built in now.

Bellacor said...

Dust off those old plant stands and put some indoors!

Anonymous said...

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