How do you Mulch?

My list of early spring chores continues to expand. It's also time to add some mulch around the established landscape. But what mulch to choose? The variety to choose from out there is just mind-boggling. I decided last year to mulch my herb garden in some kind of wood mulch, and I was surprised at the countless varieties out there. I choose shredded cedar just based on appearances. It seemed to work well for me.

Editors note: Please visit my Earth Day post to find out more about mulching.


Susan Harris said...

First, here's an article on our site about various mulches: www.takomagarden.net/id25.html. (I don't remember how to create a link in HTML; sorry.) Bottom line, hardwood mulch isn't recommended around plants. Pine fines and leaf mold are the number one picks. I use leaf mold because it's free from my town and because it amends the soil's structure and nutrients within a few months. Susan

Jessica Harwood said...

Thanks for the link!

I will have to look into getting leaf mold around here.