South Carolina "Snow"

When I first looked outside this morning, I thought we'd had a snowstorm. The sidewalk was covered in tiny white flecks. But we've had highs in the 50's lately, so it definitely was not snow.

Alas, it was only a case of tree dandruff. The rain over the past few days brought down most of the white petals from the bradford pear trees.

Don't fret, we are still enjoying plenty of spring blooms here. The pansies are going through a major growth spurt, and the cherry trees looked spectacular last weekend. Jill in North Carolina just posted a nice picture of the blossoms of a cherry tree.

The daffodils are still going, too. I was pleased to find that the previous owners of our house had done an interesting job in planting them; there are at least 4 different varieties of daffodils in our front yard. The natural tendency, for me at least, is to pick up one variety and go to town. Here, though, we have a smorgasboard of daffodils poking up under the trees, from pale yellow and frilly to bold lines in orange on white.

I'm also thankful the previous owners of our house for bequeathing me their humming bird feeders. I still have the original note she left, with special instructions for feeding them. She was really crazy about those birds, and I promised to take care of them. It was an important part of the negotiations, along with leaving the washer and dryer. What a nice bonus to get along with a house.

So I will remember this every time I start resenting them for building "the wall", which will be the subject of a later post.

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Jenn said...

The Wall. I will be watching for that one!