Must-see South Carolina Gardens: Edisto Gardens of Orangeburg, SC

Hard to believe that this beautiful place was once the site of a landfill! Since the 1920's the land has been gradually converted to the lovely Edisto Memorial Gardens of Orangeburg, SC.

Some unique features:

Testing ground for the All American Rose Selection process
Long boardwalk through a Tupelo/Cypress Wetland
Sensory garden complete with botanical markers in Braille

You can visit the city's webpage to find out more about the Edisto Memorial Gardens.


Jenn said...

Now that's good land stewardship.
Our local fill has a ballpark on it. Not bad, but not terribly pretty, either.

Orangeburg SC Helper said...

The gardens are beautiful- I have lived here in Orangeburg since 1975 and have enjoyed the gardens on many occassions-

The land fill story is true- I also built a BURGER KING restuarant over a landfill-

Would be nicer if they also cleaned up the houses near the gardens- those are the nearest to a ghetto as you can get without going to another State- maybe just within four blocks in all directions

Anonymous said...

Great idea..... thanks for sharing...

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Anonymous said...

I lived in Orangeburg for a couple of years in the 1960s and was hugely impressed by the gardens and especially by how immaculately they were maintained. Some of the gigantic azaleas there were literally a big as
a full-sized automobile and in the spring when they were completely covered up the red, or orange or white blossoms, they were spectacularly beautiful. Truly a superb thing to put on top of a landfill!