South Carolina- It's Planting Time!

The official time to start your annuals in Zone 7, determined by the last frost date, is April 15th. Like most gardeners, however, I started a little earlier than that this year. I call it the global warming fudge factor, but really it's more to do with my impatience than any scientific justification.

In early April, I set out some tomato plants, which actually came from the hydroponics experiment I did with my classes back in January. Dreaming of some tomato caprese, I also sowed seeds for basil and oregano, and these little seedlings are coming along nicely.

There's still plenty left for me to do, however. This weekend is my official planting date. The local master gardening group is having a plant sale this weekend, the stores are overflowing with beautiful plants, and most importantly, today was the end of classes for the spring term. After being stuck inside grading papers and writing finals day and night for the last week, I'm ready to get outside and get digging.

So what will I plant? My focus this year will be getting in some perennials to attract butterflies, birds, and other critters. They are picky about what flowers they visit, as I mentioned in my "Why Flowers Come in Colors" post. The Clemson University Extension has a great deal of information on Butterfly Gardening, and I'll be looking for some of their suggested plants when I'm shopping tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading more about your efforts to attract more wildlife to your yard.

Michelle said...

I, too, am working on adding more perenials and attracting butterflies and hummers to my yard (and I also planted much earlier than offically recommended...living life on the edge, that's me!). Thanks so much for the link to the Clemson site. Years ago I lived in Clemson and can't believe I never thought to look there for information. We used to spend several evenings a week walking at the Botanical Garden...it was wonderful! Enjoyed your blog.

Anonymous said...

I like to study more ab south carolina.. planting style....

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