Flowers for Bumblebees

Flowers for Bumblebees

Although this one little bumblebee got on my nerves recently, on most days I think bumblebees are adorable. Some flowers that seem to attract bumblebees in my garden:

-Herbs, especially the lavender, sage, catmint that are blooming now

-Container garden of Salvia, Columbine, Dianthus, and Verbena. They especially adore the Salvia.

-Vitex shrubs. (Formerly known as the mystery tree threatening to take over the front porch.) They are not flowering yet this year, but seem to be doing well after the severe but much-needed prunning over the winter.


Jill said...

I can vouch for this! They love salvia! Nice info.

Anonymous said...

interesting info.... i liked it ....

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