Feeling fruity

Have you ever planted some seeds, and then a few weeks later, when they start to germinate, you have no idea what you planted?

I’m usually compulsive about labeling. Growing plants for laboratory research trained me well. And during this time I also got addicted to Sharpie markers. I think I label just for an excuse to inhale the Sharpie fumes.

But I had a recent lapse. After a few days, and a few leaves, I remembered that I had soaked some lemon seeds overnight and poked them in moist (and unlabeled) potting soil. It took them a little while to sprout, but they’re coming along well!

Since I first saw a lemon tree at a local conservatory as a child, I have been really fascinated with growing tropical fruit. So now that I’m all grown up and in a warmer climate, I can indulge my fruity tastes.

A citrus tree

A banana plant

I’m not sure how well they will overwinter, since we do get frost here, so they will eventually move into my garage with florescent lights.

Maybe someday they will have a greenhouse home!?!? I’m still considering this, although we do have a rather long growing season here and I’m afraid it would involve too much work for upkeep. Any greenhouse gardeners care to comment?


Christine Boles said...

Ahhh, to have an Orangery.....

Love the blog~

Honeybee said...

Well, how much frost do you get? We get a few nights...maybe 3 or 4 per winter, and we have plenty of citrus trees here that do just fine. Quite strange for this Northeastern girl to see in the winter!

Jessica Harwood said...

Honeybee- We do get below freezing many nights, so I looked it up and it seems that in zone 7 (that's us) and lower, they recommend bringing the citrus trees indoors. That would be awesome to have orange trees in your front yard but it's hot enough for me here!

Christa said...

You made me laugh out loud about smelling the sharpie markers. Been there, done that! haha.

Nickie said...

hey, if I can grow a lemon (and get fruit!) in zone 5, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

good ides .... thanks for sharing...

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