Some Like it Hot: The Moss Rose

If you're looking for plants well suited to your area, one frequent piece of advice is to "grow native." Here's another tip- why not "grow what a native grows?"

Neighbors can be a great resource, especially if you're new to a climate like me. I was admiring my neighbor's backyard earlier this summer, and she raved about the "Moss Rose", or Portulaca grandiflora.

Photo by Not Your Real

This year, I planted Portulaca in a particularly sunny location. The weather has been horribly hot and dry recently. And this little plant is thriving and blooming. No wonder my neighbor likes it so much! While the zinnias I put in nearby containers are struggling, the moss rose seems to be a great container plant.

Photo by Callie

Yes, there are plants out there that thrive in hot, dry weather! Tune in next time for another edition of "Some Like it Hot."


Memory Lane said...

Me, too, i liked Portulaca -they're so easy to grow, and blooms lots in a variety of delightful colors! I had 2 green pots of Potulaca & gave it to one of my hubby's friends who helped us moved into a tiny loft. Luckily, i was able to rescue some seeds for my Mom. Oh, i missed them so much!

Annie in Austin said...

For some reason I can't get Moss Rose to grow in the ground here, but it does great in pots and hanging baskets. We also have a thicker stemmed kind called Flowering Purslane - descended from that weed in the vegetable garden!

Sue Swift said...

My portulaca failed miserably this year - will try again next.
Just found your site and love it. Will be coming regularly.
I've recently started a gardening blog - you can find me at http://balcony-garden.blogspot.com/
Let me know if you'd like to swap links.
Have a good gardening weekend!

Anonymous said...

nice post .... interesting tips...

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