My Green Index Finger

Since I've been sidelined from heavy gardening during my pregnacy, I'm developing a green index finger; everything I point to seems to be doing really well in the garden this summer.

The newly mulched beds look great. I spent a grueling half hour on the Internet researching types of mulch. My eyes were quite strained from trying to distinguish between the pictures of "double ground" and "triple ground" mulch. I spent 5 minutes in the suffocating heat asking P and K if they needed water. And then there was my effort to convey sincere sympathy when they both developed a reaction to poison ivy later that week.

The roses are also doing great. I had to strain with all my might to trust my husband to move them to a sunnier location. Then I spent minutes supervising the fungicide treatment.

Then there was the recent well-planned mission to assassinate the whitefly on the tomato plants. My husband purchased the insecticidal soap, and then my dad was in charge of locating and spraying the insecticidal soap. But of course, I was the mastermind behind this successful plot.

I wish I could take credit for the high quality rainwater that has been falling this summer.

"But the rain falls down without my help I'm afraid, and the lawn gets wet although I withhold my consent" -(They Might Be Giants)

This post was inspired by the Onion - "Having a Gardener is a Wonderful Hobby"


Anonymous said...

How nice to have such a nice green index finger! Love the quote from 'Giants'. Excellent to have a mastermind behind every plot. Poison ivy, oh, dear! Mulch does make a difference, doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

good idea.... i like to have green index finger! .....

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