If you build it, they will come

I never thought I'd be so excited to see some animal munching up my plants. But when a second crop of caterpillars arrived this month, I was honored that they would dine on my fennel. My efforts at gardening for butterflies seems to have finally paid off!

"Pupating" Eastern Black Swallowtail

In my driveway, I later saw a Eastern Black Swallowtail who had recently emerged from the cocoon! I spotted the empty cocoon on the side of the garage. (By the way, these cocoons don't look anything like mystery cocoons I've spotted on my rose bushes ,which are probably bagworm.)

Another swallowtail cocoon- by Lenses

The butterfly was still wet-winged and struggling, so I moved it to a sunnier, safer spot. I hope it survived to flutter around like this Eastern Black Swallowtail I photographed last summer.

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Annie in Austin said...

My fennel was planted for the Swallowtails, too. It managed to reseed in spite of the munching, and I see the caterpillars frequently. I've never seen a chrysalis or an emerging Swallowtail. Lucky you!


Stuart said...

Well done Nelumbo. Your efforts are obviously paying off both with the caterpillars and resulting butterflies.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just posted a pic of an eastern black swallowtail today. They're everywhere in my garden right now - they love the mexican sunflowers. Congrats on your butterfly success!

Anonymous said...

Great site, I have you on the list to refer back to, time and again.

Yard Granny, SC

Anonymous said...

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