Time to Plant Tree and Shrubs

It's finally starting to cool off here, so it's been a good time to take walks with the baby snug in the stroller. It's also a great time to plant trees and shrubs!

Planting trees and shrubs in the fall allows for roots to get established without suffering from extremes in temperatures. Up north, a big concern is getting the plants established before the ground freezes. Down here, the major concern is waiting until the summer heat has passed.

Personally, I'm looking to put in another butterfly bush (Buddleia Davidii). I'll probably have to delegate some of this work, since the baby is keeping my hands full. If you're luckly enough to have time to get your hands dirty and plant a tree, I found a good guide from the Clemson Extension: Seven Rules for Planting Trees and Shrubs


Annie in Austin said...

Planting and transplanting is what I've been doing this week, too, Nelumbo. I hope you got the butterfly bush in - by the time it's in full bloom, your little girl may reach for the butterflies.


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