Crafting and cooking with lavender

What to do when a lavender bush is threatening to take over your garden? With herbs, it seems like such a waste to just prune and compost. Most of the plants in my herb garden have some sort of purpose, like mint for my tea or chives for my potatoes, but lavender? It just smells good. I'm not really sure what to do with it but go outside and smell it a lot.

Now I learn you can bring that scent indoors! There are dozens of crafts out there, like making a lavender wand, as Annie in Austin recently mentioned. There's instructions on harvesting lavender and making lavender wands the Purple Haze lavender blog.

I found some recipes with lavender at Happy Valley, but I'm a little suspicious of lavender cinnamon buns. I can't really imagine that tasting good together, but I might be surprised.

If you have experience cooking and crafting with lavender, please share some ideas!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nelumbo!
Elizabeth Lawrence described the Lavender stick technique in "Through The Garden Gate" and I've made them, and know I had lavender icecream, too.
There used to be kind of lavender breath lozenge, kind of like SenSen?? Oh - my husband says they were called Ben Hur.
I haven't tried to cook with lavender...yet... but there are recipes at mystery author Susan Wittig Albert's website. She has lots of recipes in her Central Texas-set books, too. Part of the website is set up like a blog being written by a couple of her main characters, blending fiction and reality in with the herbs.


Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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Q said...

Lavender is one of my special herbs!
I use it for all sorts of household needs, ironing spray and room scents, cleaning sprays that sort of thing.
I also cook with lavender and make syrups and teas and candy.
When in doubt I use lavender. I make lavender oils for my bath and some under for pillow for sweet sleep.
I love lavender!
I have made lavender wreaths and swags. Also once I remove the dried blooms I use the stems as fireplace starters.
Large jars of lavender are beautiful.
Hope this helps.
Blessings of sweet lavender,

Anonymous said...

Lavendar tea is a great way to use your lavendar. I would suggest brewing the lavendar with an herbal tea. You can also just brew the lavendar and use it as a base for lemonade.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great ideas! Here are some good recipes for Peppered Lavender Beef, Lavender Margaritas & Lavender Walnut Scones! Here is a link to Herbs de Provence with lavender - you could make your own blend.

Anonymous said...

How i wish for a lavender plant to take over my garden!! Right now i've just sown seeds and hoping for seedling.. plants and then finally flowers!!
Checkout my efforts at

Anonymous said...

For me always Lavender is one special herbs!.......
thanks for sharing

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