Squirrel torture

I recently heard about two new ways to keep squirrels out of your bird feeders:

1. Add hot sauce to the bird seed. The birds don't have the same taste receptors as mammals, so it won't bother them, but squirrels will run away with burning little squirrel tongues.

2. Buy one of the new bird feeders with a built-in motor that spins the feeder when a heavy animal lands on it. You might scare away a few doves, but nothing is more hilarious than seeing a squirrel hang on for dear life as he spins in circles and then is sling-shot 10 yards from the porch.

Annie in Austin reports that the hot sauce doesn't seem to work!

You can watch spinning squirels on the website for yankeeflipper . This is the company that made my mom-in-law's feeder. They sell them at various retailers and you can find out where from this site.


Anonymous said...

I would certainly opt for the second choice just for the sheer enjoyment of watching a squirrel fly.

We don't have squirrels here but we do get possums. Would it be strong enough for them do you think?

Annie in Austin said...

The little finches don't get a chance at our feeder because of all the squirrels but I'm too cheap to buy them a spinner. There's an abundance of hot sauce around, so I'll give it a try.
Hot pepper spray didn't stop the Illinois rabbits from eating tulips, however - are Texas squirrels also immune to capsaicin?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

OldRoses said...

Where can I buy one of the spinners? I've got lots of squirrels in my yard and would love to see them fly.

Q said...

The Spinner would be so fun!
My husband would really enjoy the flying squirrels as he is not found of them.
I got so tickled when i read your post.
Thank you,

Jessica Harwood said...

Stuart, I can't imagine a huge possum climbing up the feeder!

Annie- I hear they can build resistance.

Old Roses- I'll ask my mom-in-law where she got it.

Q- sounds like a man to hold a major grudge with squirrels ;)

Annie in Austin said...

Nelumbo, I might have to post a photo - it did NOT work!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

I've tried hot sauce and have sprinkled chili pepper on the food in the feeder - worked a little - but I think they did get used to it. I've given up - and just don't worry about the squirrels anymore. I also try to keep alot of safflower seeds in feeders - since the squirrels don't like them.

Anonymous said...

Great topic...I like the spinning feeder too, but just wonder if it runs on batteries? I couldn't afford it! My website at http://www.removesquirrels.com talks a little bit about them, too. I'm open to any ideas! Thanks for the great post.

Anonymous said...

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