Romance of the Rose

I'm posting this photo to remind me how great my roses *used* to look.

The roses don't look like this now. They are swarming with Japanese beetles. Every year I swear I will toss them by the side of the road and swear off roses forever. Or replace them with one of those new disease-resistant "knockout" varieties. Has anyone planted these?


Red Hot in the Cool Shade

I love watching my favorite perennial flowers come back each year, but I also love annuals for a spectacular, frivolous burst of color all year round. Growing annuals in containers also forces you to re-invent a small part of your garden every year. Will I ever plant the same thing two years in a row? I hope not!

Last year, my annuals tended to be pastel, especially pink, as we awaited the birth of our little girl. So what struck my fancy this summer? RED HOT impatiens, begonias, and coleus. I have a shady corner in the front yard, and I liked the contrast of planting really bright colors in the dim light.