Halloween Costumes- with a plant theme

If you're looking for creative Halloween costumes, why not express your obsession for plants and all things relating to gardening? At least that's my ideal when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Halloween costumes I've actually worn in the past that you might like to try:

1. Black-Eyed Peas. Dress in green and tape a label from a box of frozen peas to yourself. Then black out your eye with some eyeliner.

2. Stalk of corn. Tease your hair up really high- this works best if you have long blonde hair- and spray with gold glitter. Dress in beige and tape leaves to yourself made out of golden tissue paper.

Any other fun ideas?


Out with the old, in with the new

It's always tough for me to get rid of perfectly good annuals at the end of the season, just so the next season's annuals can get a head start. I've noticed I've started to get passive-aggressive and just stopped watering a couple of the countainers.

I bought another flat of violas and pansies today, so tomorrow the scraggly morning glories are going next. Above I posted a picture of a flower when the plants were in their full glory a few weeks ago. It seems like they are staying open later now. Is that due to the cooler weather?


Butterfly gardening pays off!

Caterpillar of the Black Tiger SwallowTail.

I think this is a Monarch Butterfly!