Last season our hatred of the Nandina took hold and I hacked one up with pruners. Then my husband, with the typical male tendency for escilation, plowed down the rest with a chainsaw. Then we realized that bushes have these things called roots, and they were stuck in the ground pretty good.

We finally hired two hard-working teenagers from up the road to do the dirty work. They did a great job. Now I am actually ready to dig in! Just need to add soil and seeds!


Anonymous said...

I've been ripping out nandina recently too. No easy job. I'm taking it a small section at a time. Those roots are tough. Maybe you could send over those teenagers.

Anonymous said...

I have a teenage brother who will be doing all my digging for me - hopefully he and his buds can dig up all the shrubs I want out.
~plantgirl of http://www.squarefootgardenblog.com

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi nelumbo !
Thanks for stopping by my blog : )
Yes ... those nasty things called roots are something else for some plants .. talk about a network system from hell ! LOL
Good luck with the rest of the planting !

The Diva said...

I have a few nandinas. I'm not a big fan, except for that little one with the thin leaves. I read on another of your posts that your frost date is April 25th. Ours is 4/15. I wonder why yours is later.

Thanks for coming by to comment on my blog. I appreciate it.~~Dee

Unknown said...

I hope I caught you guys before you have started your digging! Spring planting is so much fun (and great for the environment), but don’t forget to call before you dig! You need to call 811, even for simple projects, like gardening (http://www.call811.com). There could be utility lines where you break ground - sometimes multiple lines are in a common area and their depths vary, so you might not know about all of them.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Added it to my favorites !