Fall is the new spring!

During late summer I start back to work, the labor of watering my annuals gets too time-consuming, and I basically give up on gardening for a while. (Despite the neglect, the pink impatiens in a container by the driveway are still looking good, and the pentas are just amazing in their tolerance of this drought!) But now that fall is here, I'm starting to feel rejuvenated. They say that fall is the best time to plant, and I'm raring to go now that I have a newly cleared bed in the backyard.

I think all gardeners get spring fever, as you prepare for your summer garden, but how about fall fever? This time of year seems just as exciting now that I have some room to plant new shrubs and perennials.


Joann said...

I have a black thumb but want to have some winter stuff growing in containers and around boarders. Any ideas for Zone 7 (maybe 8) not zure (Atlanta)? I'm a clueless gardener but want to improve.

compost in my shoe said...

Only a gardener living in the south could understand what you are talking about. A hint of fall blowing in on a marsh wind can easily ignite a weekend of serious fall gardening. I am loving the season!!

Annie in Austin said...

Most of the Austin gardeners are in the mood to plant now, too, Nelumbo - a few nights in the sixties makes a big difference!

But we need rain so badly that the ground is like a rock so I'm holding off a little while longer and keeping fingers crossed for a downpour.

Happy Autumn Fever to you ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Unknown said...

During this time of year, we prepare to plant all the crops that the heat of summer confuses or fries, crops like lettuce, cilantro, and carrots that bolt impossibly quickly during the summer heat. This is the time that Southern California gardeners plant the crops they miss most during the rest of the year.

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Unknown said...

Nurseries start carrying bulbs, bins of bareroot asparagus, and fruit trees around this time of year. But the nurseries are almost bare--and the few scraggly perennials that are left are marked down and shoved off in a corner to make way for holiday greens.

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Anonymous said...

Spring is always cool!!!
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