The Benefits of a Neglected Garden

With a new baby and a jealous toddler, I haven't had much energy for routine garden chores this spring. So while my in-laws visited and watched the baby today, I took the opportunity to go on a weeding frenzy in the herb garden. Meanwhile, I noted that there were a few benefits to "letting things go" once in a while.

1) Since the weeds got really big, I felt like I accomplished a lot more. The big pile of large weeds in the compost pile looked impressive. And the garden looked significantly better afterwards.

2) If the weeds are getting really large really fast, then I reason my garden must have decent soil. That makes me feel good.

3) I realized the benefits of perennials. I haven't had time to purchase and plant any annuals, so it's nice to see the oregano, chives, fennel, mint, rosemary, lamb's ear, and lavender show up and start growing and blooming without any effort on my part. I'm now seriously considering scaling back on the annuals.


Garden Tool User said...

Gardening is so relaxing and a wonderful way to spend time outdoors. It is one of my favorite hobbies that I love to share with others online! Thanks for taking the time to write this post, I always learn so much about gardening from many different sources online! :)

Teresa said...

You are right, perennials are better to plant, you know if you protect from the harsh winter they will come back even you do not have time to plant. I live in New York still waiting for nice weather to trans plant the vegetables.

I enjoy reading about the Birthday Tree, great idea.

Wolf said...

If there is not enough time to do something in a garden then you should not stress yourself.
A garden friend from Germany
In my opinion you everybody should enjoy a garden. That is the most important. The time will change and there will be more time.

Anonymous said...

I like Gardening during my free time...
it makes me to feel good....

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