Carolina Treat

I love the smell of these flowers. Even more, I love that it's Halloween and I still have flowers & it's warm enough to trick or treat without wearing a heavy coat.


Haloween cactus

This looks sort of creepy, doesn't it? A single orange flower and that spider-like shape. Maybe I need to market this.

(This is what happens when you give a "Thanksgiving cactus" mixed-up light signals.)


Who wants bugs in their garden?

I do! I do!

The speaker at a recent SCNPS meeting asked this question. It made me realize that my attitude towards insects has changed a lot in the few years I've been garden blogging. In the beginning, I obsessed over how Japanese beetles were eating my rose bushes. Now I'm becoming obsessed with what sorts of plants I can provide for caterpillars to munch on.


Accidental Gardening

Even though I've been busy since I've been back to work, some things are still growing around the house. This morning I found a baggie of "treasures" that my daughter brought back from a hike a few weeks ago. One acorn had actually sprouted . Cool.