Merlot Ivy Geranium

Although I never look forward to my basil becoming black and crunchy or the impatiens withering with the first freeze, one nice thing about annual plants dying each year is that you get to start fresh again. By the end of the summer I'm ready for a change of pace.

Once in while, though, you find an annual that you don't want to lose! I was pleasantly surprised by the Global 'Merlot' Ivy Geranium provided by the Garden Harvest Supply. I'm usually not a geranium person. When I think of geraniums, I think of the much over-planted bright red version that I've gotten bored with over the years. But these were different! The flowers were smaller and a deep velvety red.

This plant did great with minimal care in a container. (I had a newborn baby so I wasn't that diligent with my watering this summer.) I put it in a sunny spot and it just thrived and grew from a tiny transplant to a fairly large plant that sprawled nicely in the container.

So this is one plant I might try to rescue from the first frost!


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

We used to see all the geraniums in the windowboxes in Germany. Great plant! Love your Merlot colored one.

Vetsy said...

We have something in common about Geraniums.

It's a favorite plant of my mother's that I always disliked when I was a child and one of the reasons were because I thought they smelled strange.

As and adult I found them to be just too common, perhaps because it was a plant that I saw a lot as a kid.
Two summers ago I bought a pink Ivy geranium, it was the cutest little geranium I had every seen.

This sparked my interest in them and now like my mom I grow them in my garden.

riya manna said...
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Jerald @ Plastic Garden Furniture said...

That's a great plant. I would love to have some of those!

compost in my shoe said...

Certainly reminds me of my early years growing up in northern Ohio where my mother brought them in the house. By spring they were stalks with no living leaves. What a mess.

Monica said...

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garden said...
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