Expanding my compost condos

I topped off another compost pile this weekend, so I made another "redneck composter". With all the leaves coming down now, it didn't stay this empty for long!
What you need:
Chicken wire
Wire cutter
Work gloves
Tape measure

I borrowed the wire cutters from my husband's fire gear, who warned me that if I didn't return them, he might end up stuck in a burning house unable to cut himself free from electric wire. Dramatic, huh? In his defense, I do have a habit of walking off with tools. I do have some of my own gadgets, like this awesome promotional tape measure .
Step 1. For a 5' diameter bin, you need to cut about 15 feet of wire. Cut so that you leave the wires poking out at the end (leaving a smooth edge on the roll).
[Note: If you want a different size, length of wire = 3.14 (pi) x desired diameter. ]
Step 2. Shape the wire into a large circle. Use the wires poking out on the end to wind around the smooth end, securing your circle.
Step 3. Jam into place on the ground, using a post to secure if desired.
So simple! I managed to complete this while my 3-year-old was watching, and her attention span is rather short.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I bet it will be filled quickly with all the leaves falling.

shahwin said...

This is right compost.
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I treat plants with Herbs & Spices.

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