Plant Diversity helps Bees

I just read an interesting article about the correlation between plant diversity and bees' immune systems. Bees that forage from several plant species, rather than a monoculture, can protect themselves better from disease.


It's an interesting thought that by gardening and growing lots of nectar plants (without pesticides), perhaps we are ensuring our city bees are in better health than their country cousins.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Diversity is good for everyone....plant and animal!

Vetsy said...

Jessica thanks for posting this information and the website.

I like to do everything I can to help out our poor little bees... We are having a bee crisis and must do all that we can to help them out..

because if we don't.. we are going to have a crisis!.. How would we grow our foods without these vital little pollinators.

Anonymous said...
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Yardflower said...

Good to know. I've been thinking about getting some honeybees and was concerned about all their pest problems.
The diversity of flowers on my 6 acres may be their saving grace.