Woodland Wildflowers

Now that spring has arrived, I have plenty of weeding and mulching to do. So I'm taking it one section at a time and enjoying every minute I can get outside.

I focused on a small shaded corner of my garden today. I was inspired by a recent stroll through the Hatcher Gardens. Josephine Hatcher loved wildflowers, and there is a beautiful section of woodland garden full of delicate blooms right now.

My own little woodland wildflower corner includes phlox, columbine, and spiderwort all in shades of purple and white.

Other suggestions for plants I should add to my little corner?

Where have you gotten your inspiration this spring?


Mya said...

You know, I am up to my calves in dirt trying to prepare the soil for new bushes. Too busy to be inspired. However, I would suggest snowdrops for your garden - one of my favorites.

Lee Ann said...

I have lots of shaded areas in my large gardens, and some of my favorites are hardy geranium. I have a wild variety that is a purply pink, and my very favorite, which is 'Biokovo'. It is very low growing and the foliage has a sweet smell to it. The flowers are pink and white.