Thank you, basil, for not protesting my neglect now that I've been back to work for a few weeks. And thank you for sacrificing a few leaves for the sake of yummy pesto. I couldn't have done it without you.

Sometime soon I'd like to grind up some garlic and basil to freeze over the winter. (Then you just add the pine nuts, cheese, and olive oil when you're ready.) But the whole process always seems to take so long that I didn't do that today. It shouldn't take long, but it always does.

Why did it take me over an hour today to make some simple pesto? I started accounting for my time, and it started to make a lot more sense:

Stopping by to pull random weeds- 20 minutes.
Admiring butterflies- 10 minutes
Surveying vegetable garden and cursing groundhog- 5 minutes
Struggling to remember how to assemble the food processor- 10 minutes
Clearing breakfast dishes out of sink to make room for washing basil- 5 minutes
Cleaning up the pots and pans toddler has strewn across the floor - 10 minutes


Mya said...

I share the thought. How many times have I said, "It will only take a miniute?" Famous last words.

Single Gal said...

Pesto is absolutely delicious.

I understand though about time. It seems when I go to the garden, just to water, I found more things I need to do. A few weeds to pull, a few strawberries to pick.

Happens to the best of us.

Daylily said...

It's always nice to have a garden especially when you work so hard at it. I always like to add a little color to the mix as well and daylilies make a great companion plant for the garden. A little known fact is that the daylily flower is edible so it makes a great garnishment for your fresh salad.