I love the look of Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) in the fall. The berries look so juicy & yummy, but the birds seem to be letting them alone for now. It's not too exciting to look at the rest of the year, but since it's a neglect-proof bush that provides treats for wildlife, it's a winner in my book. Yay native plants!


Gulf fritillary

I grew passion vine for the first time this year, and I'm excited to finally have a gulf fritillary caterpillar in my garden!


Who grows the tastiest peaches?

I loved this article in the NY Times about the rivalry between Georgia and South Carolina when it comes to growing peaches. South Carolina does outdo the official peach state in quantity, and maybe in quality too. But let's not lose sight of the main point- the South grows them best!


Tomato Overload

Three plants of cherry tomatoes go a long way! This is just my harvest today.


The Watermelon Walrus

According to my 4-year-old, you have to watch out for the watermelon-eating walrus in the backyard. I may have complained a little too much about the groundhog last summer, and then she got her animals a little confused. Anyway, I've purchased some fencing this year. I've heard you need to bury a good foot of fence to deter tunneling. So that's my next project!

Happy Spring!


Spring Cleaning

Over my spring break, I finally started sorting through some of my houseplants and the accompanying mess. There's a couple plants I need to get rid of just to make room. But how can I get rid of a perfectly good, green plant? It seems I have these emotional attachments and history with all of them. One I got as a cutting from my Aunt; another I had since college. Sigh.

Does anyone else have a problem of composting alive (or even barely alive) plants?



I was sad to read today about the Auburn tree poisoning. The loss of those ancient live oaks probably means a lot to football fans and anyone who loves the campus, but I am also disturbed even though I root for the other Tigers.

What kind of punishment do you think the person would receive if they catch him or her? Am I a crazy plant person to think the punishment should be just as severe as if someone poisoned an animal mascot, like the UGA bulldog?