I was sad to read today about the Auburn tree poisoning. The loss of those ancient live oaks probably means a lot to football fans and anyone who loves the campus, but I am also disturbed even though I root for the other Tigers.

What kind of punishment do you think the person would receive if they catch him or her? Am I a crazy plant person to think the punishment should be just as severe as if someone poisoned an animal mascot, like the UGA bulldog?


Mya said...

I do not see why not. One could even argue that not only is the loss a visual one but because trees help clear our air, give needed shade, and are a shelter for birds that it is a health issue also. Does the ground have to be proven okay before they can replace the trees, and how long will it take before they are a comparable size? The guilty person(s) should not only be fined and punished, but be made to take part in every bit ot the removal, cleanup and replanting.
I am afraid it will not be taken seriously.

Charles M said...

Where I live, the crime would be treated as a felony vandalism. The punishment is up to 3 years in prison, loss of driver's license for a year (designed to slow down those graffiti taggers) and pay restitution. But how do you put a price on an old growth Oak tree?