Spring Cleaning

Over my spring break, I finally started sorting through some of my houseplants and the accompanying mess. There's a couple plants I need to get rid of just to make room. But how can I get rid of a perfectly good, green plant? It seems I have these emotional attachments and history with all of them. One I got as a cutting from my Aunt; another I had since college. Sigh.

Does anyone else have a problem of composting alive (or even barely alive) plants?


Charles M said...

I grow bonsai trees -- don't get me started about being attached to them. I had a much loved Pine die on me once and I grieved for that tree for three years. It was like losing a much loved pet.

Mya said...

Oh, yes. Even when I have taken the shovel and clippers out to the spot to re-engineer a plant, I have noticed one lonely little bud about to open, and can not bring myself to axe it. I'll just wait until its condition gets worse, and with no blooms and then try again.

Single Gal said...

The african violet that I have now, is the first plant that I have ever owned that is still living after a week, so I wish I could really comment more about this.

Now, my Aunt and my mom, they are definately like you in that respect. My mom has had one of her plants, I forget the name of it, but it's been at least 20 years. It's struggling along but it's been struggling along for years, but I guess she just can't give up on it.

My Aunt is the same way, she will not throw away anything that is living. She just can't do it.

Here's to hoping you make the right decision. To part or not to part, right?


bfazzio said...

I have a grandmother fern. As in my grandmother gave a cutting to me and her grandmother gave a cutting to her and so on so there is no way I could give up on it even if it were dying.

I would have a problem composting a plant with no issues however if there was nothing I could do to possibly save it then, I'm sorry, but it would have to go in the compost.