Tomato Overload

Three plants of cherry tomatoes go a long way! This is just my harvest today.


Single Gal said...


Something's up with my tomatoes. The leaves at the bottom are turning yellow, and then the one side of the plant with the tomatoes are drooping because they are getting too big.


Kathy said...

I am envious, I do not have luck with tomatoes. I can only imagine your struggle with red clay but if you have these beauties in the ground then you have found how to amend the soil perfectly. Kathy

Fleur said...

I have a glut of tomatoes too. There are only so many I can give to my family and neighbours. So I make chutney and tomato sauce out of the rest that I use up. The chutney lasts until the Christmas period and the sauce I can freeze in ice cube containers and use as I need them. I also use the sauce in dishes that need tomato paste in it.