Impulse garden purchases

I was feeling sorta low today, so after work I went for some retail therapy to the garden center.  More than ready to do some fall planting!


Yay butterflies!

I'm really happy that my 8-year-old daughter got excited about this butterfly.  She even took this picture.  Raising her right :)


Boycotting Bradford Pears

This is the damage done by a Bradford pear tree in my neighbor's yard.  They just split apart spontaneously with the slightest wind sometimes.

This is one reason I hate them.  The other reason is they are very invasive; you see them popping up all over the place in cleared areas, crowding out our native trees.

Oh and I swear the flowers smell like moldy socks.

Thinking about planting a spring flowering tree?  Why not a dogwood or a red bud?


Footed planters

I have been known to make a few spontaneous purchases at Wallyworld but I managed to pass these up.



Pitcher plants

Carnivorous plants have always been fascinating to me.  I was thrilled to see this pitcher plant out in its natural habitat this week while hiking near Cleveland, SC.   I can just imagine it saying "Yum, yum bugs!"  



Not without my compost!

Would you move your full compost tumbler?  I worked so hard last fall to fill it up.  I actually raked leaves.  I made countless trips out my back door to unload kitchen scraps.  All that effort can't be in vain.  And my new house doesn't have an existing vegetable garden, so I could really use some compost to help build the soil.

To the outsider, I guess moving a pile of rotten, smelly kitchen scraps borders on insane.  But you hard-core gardeners out there understand, right?  I hope I'm not alone in this, anyway.  Or maybe someone needs to refer me to appear on a special episode of  "Hoarders: Garden Edition".      


Blank Canvas

There's one moment I really dread as a writer.  The blank page.  I get a little panicked every time I open up a new document to start a new writing project.  Ideas flow easy when I'm in the car or the shower.  But when I sit down to write, all my creative juices seem to suddenly dry up.

I have the same panicked feeling when I think about landscaping my new house.  There's next to nothing planted around the house.  Just mulch in the flower beds.  Where do I start?   

I love plants, but I have very little knowledge of design.  There are 105 plants that I want to grow, but I learned in my 20's what happens if I just plant whatever strikes my fancy without consideration of aesthetics.  Chaos!

Well at least I  made some insects and other critters very happy.  This time around, though,  I vow to not make my garden an eyesore to the rest of us.