Sustainable Lawns: Oxymoron?

Environmentalists tend to be wary of lawns.  They see lawns as just water-sucking pollution factories. Some even strive to get rid of their lawns altogether.

Perhaps it would be better to fill my yard with plants that nurture wildlife.  Just give me time!  I'm the crazy plant lady.  It seems like a laudable goal.

But on the other hand, I have a soft spot for lawns.  As a mother, I recognize the value of lawns.  They remind me of our impromptu kick-ball games and failed attempts at kite-flying.  We have a lot of good times in our yard.  

How can we have lawns and still be responsible stewards of our environment?  Well here's my secret to sustainable lawn care: be lazy.  

1.  Don't bother to kill weeds with herbicides.
2.  Don't bag your clippings.  It's free fertilizer.
3. Mow less often.  That means less emissions from your lawn mower.

Go green, be lazy!