Fire Ants in your Vegetable Garden?

When planting my vegetable garden this spring, I found a family of fire ants had moved in.  Lucky me!

I'm not a purist when it comes to organic gardening, but dumping poison where I intend to grow food doesn't seem like the best idea.  When researching my plight on the Clemson Extension homepage, I discovered a whole page devoted to this topic.  And I picked up an essential tidbit: if you annoy the heck out of them, they will move.

And for only $19.99, I will sell you my Organic Fire Ant Control Stick.  Pictured above, it's easy and effective to use.  Just stir in the middle of the ant mound.  Wait 24 hours and repeat.

I love it when organic gardening is easier than using chemicals.  As I've mentioned before, "organic gardening" always sounds like so much work, not to mention slightly pretentious.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Be lazy and garden organic.